A Planned Maintenance Survey is an asset management strategy

About Planned Maintenance Surveys

A Planned Maintenance Survey is an asset management strategy that assists freeholders, commercial property owners, landlords and tenants establish the condition of a property and identify any potential future building maintenance requirements.

All buildings deteriorate over time and with use, a Planned Maintenance Survey will help to ensure your property functions adequately. It also helps to preserve a property’s value and meet statutory compliance standards. 

A tailored, planned maintenance service from a skilled surveying team

This complex type of survey often draws on a full range of building surveying skills. Walker Wood’s planned maintenance surveyors are experts in the full range of areas including statutory regulation and component deterioration.

A Planned Maintenance Survey will provide a schedule of year-on-year building maintenance requirements and estimate costs. This enables property managers, facility managers, estate managers, other companies and individuals to manage expenditure and budget accordingly for future maintenance.

Working across the UK, Walker Wood work alongside clients, putting together a detailed schedule of building defects, prioritising more costly remedial repairs for all property types. We also offer project budgeting advice.

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