Early bird catches the (wood)worm

The early bird catches the (wood)worm

Often, woodworm only becomes apparent once you've spotted the visible signs. Warning signs of a woodworm problem in a property include pin-head sized exit holes, dust remnants on the wood surface caused by the boring larvae, live or dead adult beetles; and as the infestation progresses, edges of timber can begin to crumble, potentially causing weak and damaged timbers or flooring. Whilst the latter may be the result of other issues, such as wet rot or dry rot, we always check for the signs of woodworm we mention above.  

We recently conducted a Defect Inspection on an 18th Century groundsman’s cottage, which is located within the estate of a Grade II Listed stately home. Here we came across several signs of woodworm, which we highlighted to our client along with potential remedial works, as part of our Defect Analysis services.

Early remedial work with a woodworm infestation is essential because woodworm can lay up to 60 larvae eggs at any one time. You can imagine how quickly they spread once you have an infestation problem.

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