Identify specific defects and outline solutions

Building Defect Analysis Surveys

Defect analysis is a type of survey that adopts an exploratory, investigative approach to identifying specific defects and outlines possible solutions and costs. 

Walker Wood Building Surveyors utilise our extensive experience of the construction of commercial buildings (including historic and Listed properties) to identify the cause of any building defect.

Building defect symptoms may not be apparent to a property owner, and the full extent of a defect can be hidden, only becoming evident when other building works or subsequent investigations are undertaken.

The Walker Wood approach

Our team comprises independent RICS Chartered and Associate Building Surveyors with specialist knowledge of building defects. We start by studying the background and history of the building, before visiting the property to complete a thorough inspection. A defect analysis investigation may demand a survey of the whole property, or purely specific areas of defect concern.

We will then prepare a detailed report addressing the areas of concern, using clear, jargon-free English. Professional advice and recommendations for remedial work can also be provided at this stage, if required. We can also advise on potential costs of remedial work.

Walker Wood strive to provide the best, budget-focused, technical solutions for both the long or short term, and we always take our client's timeframe and available budget into consideration.

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